Feb 082011

I just wanted to throw a quick thank you to the folks over at Hostgator.com. I have been with them for almost 4 years now, and I can honestly say, they are truly one of the best. I have nearly 25 or so domains hosted with them, and the admin interface is very nice and easy to use. It comes with lots of features and for the most part, it is point and click. You say you want a wordpress site, no problemo! Just click on one icon, follow the prompts, fill out the basics, and presto! Customer support is first rate. In four years, I have only had to contact them once, and that was just to get my ssh account activated, and it took less than 5 minutes. Downtime? What Downtime! I think they have only had one small outage that did not last longer than 30 minutes in the last four years. If you need a website or are looking to move your existing sites, I would not go anywhere else but Hostgator.com

Feb 062011

So far, this has to be one of the cutest commercials. I feel almost as if something is telling my to go and buy a Volkswagen. Way to go VW, combining a little tot dressed up as Vader and John Williams Vader March really spoke to me.

YouTube Preview Image
Feb 052011

I just stumbled upon this insanely awesome video of a Tri-Copter rigged with fireworks shooting at balloons.  Granted it would be even cooler if it was using real missiles instead of some pretty lame fireworks, but nonetheless, I still would love to have it!  Especially, when the neighbors kids are knocking my garbage cans over at 3AM, or was it the raccoons?  Either way, I bet it would scare the pants/mask off of ‘em!
YouTube Preview Image
JEALOUS!: Firework-Shooting R/C Helicopter Taking Out Hydrogen-Filled Balloons



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